• Esri and Open Source GIS technology consulting
  • Esri Bronze Partner
  • Map-centric software application development
  • Geospatial data modeling
  • Geospatial data and workflow automation
  • Cartographic design
  • ArcGIS Online, AWS, and Azure cloud GIS solution development


  • Full-stack web, desktop, mobile, and back-end software design and implementation
  • Virtual reality (VR) application development
  • JavaScript/HTML (React, Angular), .NET/C#, and Python software development
  • Engineering team leadership
  • Software upgrades and updates
  • Agile Scrum software project management


  • System design
  • Systems integration
  • AWS and Azure cloud system development
  • System migration and modernization


  • Workflow and requirements gathering and synthesis
  • Software functional design
  • User interface design and prototyping
  • Data visualization including geospatial and graph data
  • Technical product management


WebR Mapping is a framework and set of reusable components for map-centric Esri application development.


Eichcorp is a technology consulting and implementation practice based in Charlottesville, Virginia that specializes in GIS and geospatial professional services including: software engineering, system architecture, and UI/UX.

Eichcorp was founded in 2021 to help organizations maximize their investments in software technology and data. Eichcorp’s founder Cory Eicher has over 20 years of experience working with Esri and open-source GIS and geospatial technology across a wide-range of industries and domains, including experience working for both Esri Inc. and Esri Switzerland.

Today Eichcorp works with clients world-wide to help leverage the power of geospatial information.

IT/software projects are also at risk for low usage (or at-worst, no usage). Examples include solutions that never make it to market, as well as under-utilized tools and applications. Eichcorp believes that the risks of delay, waste, and failure are best mitigated through a true commitment to business value, as well as continuous collaboration between implementation teams and business stakeholders.

By seeking deep understanding of organizations’ business needs and end-user workflows, committing to iterative development practices, and focusing on clear and transparent communication throughout engagements, the ideal client-Eichcorp relationship truly is a project partnership.